Charles H. Hood Foundation | WHO WE FUND
By identifying innovative pediatric advancements and providing funding in the critical phases of development, we are able to expedite high-impact breakthroughs that improve the health and lives of millions.
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Funding Innovative Breakthroughs and Personal Successes

The Charles H. Hood Foundation is different from most medical research philanthropies by virtue of the people and projects the organization funds.  While pediatric-related health projects may be a component of other organizations, the Hood Foundation is singularly focused on improving the health and well-being of children.  In the projects supported,  The Hood Foundation seeks out cutting edge research and initiatives in the critical phases of development that may have higher risk, but also have the potential for greater impact.




By choosing among the best and brightest researchers in the New England area and funding the promising research that other funding entities might reject, the Hood Foundation facilitates more innovative breakthroughs and individual successes. Hood Grant awardees go on to become leaders in their field and are positioned to more likely secure outside funding on future projects. The Foundation looks to fill gaps in the medical research and innovation funding marketplace to springboard the next generation of cutting-edge scientific leaders and advancements in pediatric health.

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Graphic highlighting the Institutions funded by the Hood Child Health Research Program from 2005 to 2017

Current Two-year Postdoctoral Fellows Awards (in partnership with the Charles A. King Trust)

Program Related Investments

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