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Charles H. Hood Foundation | PROGRAMS
By identifying innovative pediatric advancements and providing funding in the critical phases of development, we are able to expedite high-impact breakthroughs that improve the health and lives of millions.
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Funding that Changes Lives and Launches Careers

By identifying innovative pediatric advancements and providing funding in the critical phases of development, the Foundation allows high-impact projects to both begin and succeed earlier. The Foundation believes that supporting brilliant minds early in their careers helps position them to secure long-term funding from other private and government sources. In the end, this kind of leverage helps propel the pediatric research community forward for decades to come while continuing to uncover transformative breakthroughs that impact the health and well-being of children and families in New England — and around the world.

Three Major Areas of Support:

Child Health Research Grants

Typically, five grants of $165,000 each are awarded per cycle and distributed over a two-year period. This grant is given in two cycles each year to support scientific research and advance the careers of promising scientists at premier New England medical and health institutions in a variety of pediatric disciplines.

Applicant, Project, and Geographic Eligibility for Child Health Research Grants
  • PhD Scientists within five years and Physician Scientists within seven years of employment following conclusion of training (inclusive of any independent research positions in a for-profit or other professional setting)
  • United States citizenship or residency is not required
  • Research with relevance to child health
  • Hypothesis-driven clinical, basic science, public health, health services research and epidemiology projects
  • Nonprofit academic, medical or research institutions in New England

Click here for the full eligibility guidelines and application materials for the Child Health Research Awards Program.

Major Grants

Major grants are awarded each year in the amount of $450,000, distributed over a two-year period. These grants are currently focused on the area of Child and Adolescent Mental Health and are awarded based on a competitive solicitation of proposals from a smaller, select group of institutions for work that is innovative, has measurable outcomes, and will have a significant impact on child health. Major Grants are awarded based on a separate set of guidelines through an internal RFP process.

For more information, please email [email protected].

Program Related Investments (PRIs)

PRIs provide a unique funding mechanism that is distinct from both grant programs and traditional investments, and through which we seek to fill the gap between research and real-world application of pediatric-related tools, treatments, and other interventions. Our PRI program is open to startup, for-profit companies seeking seed stage investors. Companies are screened and selected through an internal vetting process.

For more information, please email [email protected].