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Charles H. Hood Foundation | Congratulations to Our July 2022 Child Health Awardees!
By identifying innovative pediatric advancements and providing funding in the critical phases of development, we are able to expedite high-impact breakthroughs that improve the health and lives of millions.
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Congratulations to Our July 2022 Child Health Awardees!

The Hood Foundation is thrilled to announce our most recent Child Health Research Award recipients! We offer sincere thanks to all of the highly qualified investigators who submitted proposals, as well as our amazing Scientific Reviewers. Congratulations to each of the following on having been selected for funding from a highly competitive group of peers (click names for more information):


  • Fiachra Humphries, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine, UMass Medical School
    • The Role of MARCO in Pediatric Cancer


  • Sara Prescott, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology, MIT
    • The Role of Airway Neurons in Childhood Asthma


  • Xin Tang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Boston Children’s Hospital
    • Developing a Broadly Applicable Therapeutic Strategy to Reverse Symptoms of Neurodevelopmental Disorders


  • Wan-Ling Tseng, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Child Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine
    • Neural Markers of Chronic, Persistent Pediatric Irritability


  • Humsa Venkatesh, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Neurology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
    • Spatial Mapping of Malignant Subpopulations Enabling Neuron-Glioma Circuit Interactions in DIPG


  • Xu Zhou, Ph.D., Instructor of Pediatrics, Boston Children’s Hospital
    • Dissecting Immune-Stromal Interactions to Discover Novel Strategy to Modulate Inflammation


Learn more about the Hood Foundation’s funding programs here.